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About Us


About Us

MyModalert is an online pharmacy with a distinct specialization in distributing FDA-approved Nootropic compounds. Our dedicated team of experts and healthcare professionals ensures you are in safe hands while ordering Nootropics or smart drugs online.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service while maintaining quality and affordability.

Our Vision- Affordable Nootropics For All


MyModalert emphasizes and centers its health vision on a singular category of medication, Nootropics, to uphold the utmost standards of authenticity, genuineness, and product quality.

We focus on retailing affordable Modafinil brand medication, including Modalert and Modvigil 200 mg, while extending our offerings to include premium Armodafinil brand variants, such as Waklert and Artvigil 150 mg.

Why Choose ModalertSHOP?

  • Genuine Medications
  • Our Mymodalert online pharmacy sources all medications directly from reputable manufacturers to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products. It also helps us eliminate all intermediaries, helping us achieve our goal of offering pocket-friendly smart drugs.

  • Licensed Pharmacists
  • We have a team of experts and licensed pharmacists who are always at your service to offer health advice..

  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Your well-being is our top priority; hence, we are dedicated to delivering personalized service, taking the time to understand your needs and preferences.

  • Secure and Discreet
  • Our pharmacy dispenses and dispatches the medication with discreet shipping without any branding or content description on the package to ensure your confidentiality during delivery. We further utilize the latest encryption technology to protect your personal information.

  • Convenient Online Experience
  • Our user-friendly website makes ordering your medications easy and hassle-free. Browse our extensive selection of products from the comfort of your home.

Our Commitment to Quality


Customer health and safety are the foundation of everything that we do.

Our entire team at Mymoadlert is committed to quality. We strive to provide the best quality products and continuously work towards improving all the sectors of our organization to deliver a convenient health service where our customers’ needs are our priority.

We achieve product quality and safety through transparent processes and systems and provide clear information about the benefits and risks of the medications.

How We Guarantee Your Safety?


MyModalert is registered and authorized by official regulatory bodies.

They meticulously support and protect customers and patients while ensuring our services meet the industry standards.

Caring for the Community


MyModalert online pharmacy believes in giving back to society, which drives our entire team to actively participate in health awareness campaigns, community events, and charitable initiatives.

Our commitment to the community extends beyond medication as we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Join the ModalertSHOP Family


Experience the difference between a pharmacy that cares.

Trust MyModalert as your dedicated partner in health and well-being. Together, let’s embrace a healthier and happier future.

Thank you for choosing ModalertSHOP. We look forward to serving you and participating in your health journey.

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